22kW Charger: A New Level Of EV Charging 

As electric vehicles emerge as a viable means of transportation, there is a growing focus on the features of EV chargers. Gresgying has launched 22kW EV chargers so people don’t have to spend a long time charging!

What is a 22kW EV charger?

The 22kw EV charger is the latest level of EV charging. It can charge all kinds of electric vehicles faster and safer than regular chargers. This 22kW charger is ideal for those who live in urban areas or near public transport hubs.

Features of EV chargers

Gresgying EV chargers for businesses and workplaces are an efficient and reliable way to keep users’ vehicles powered up. It has several features that make it perfect for businesses and workplaces.

First, Gresgying EV chargers have a large capacity so that they can charge your fleet quickly and easily. Our chargers are suitable for a variety of commercial, logistics, and bus fleets.

Second, Gresgying EV chargers can be connected via Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and 4G, allowing charging station operators to easily track and manage.

Finally, the Gresgying EV chargers are easy to use. This means that users do not need particular expertise or accessories to operate it.


Charging with 22kW chargers is extremely secure due to their leakage protection, earth leakage protection, and surge protection, among other safeguards. If you are looking for affordable wholesale 22kw EV chargers, Gresgying could be the perfect choice for you!

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