Benewake’s Horn-RT: Redefining Environmental Monitoring with Advanced 3D LiDAR Technology

Offering resilience and precision, Benewake‘s Horn-RT is a state-of-the-art 3D LiDAR system designed to excel in the most challenging environments. With its comprehensive resistance features—including anti-vibration, anti-electromagnetic interference, and resistance to strong light—this long-range LiDAR system ensures reliable performance under a variety of conditions. The Horn-RT’s ability to deliver high-resolution data over a range of 300 meters and its robust build quality make it an ideal choice for a wide array of applications requiring precise environmental monitoring.

Robust Design for Harsh Conditions

The Horn-RT LiDAR system is built to withstand severe operational environments. Its IP67 rating confirms its effectiveness against water and dust ingress, ensuring continuous operation in outdoor or dusty environments. Furthermore, the device’s strong resistance to vibration and electromagnetic disturbances guarantees that its performance remains consistent and reliable, even in industrial settings where such interference is common.

Precision and Versatility in Detection

Featuring a 90°×(10°-30°) Field of View (FOV) and an adjustable frame rate ranging from 1 to 20 FPS, the Horn-RT provides versatile and precise detection capabilities. This flexibility allows users to tailor the device’s performance to specific needs, whether monitoring vast industrial complexes or conducting detailed environmental studies. The high-resolution data captured by this device is crucial for accurate mapping and surveillance, enhancing safety and operational insights.

Certifications and Safety Compliance

Safety and compliance are paramount for equipment used in sensitive or hazardous environments. The Horn-RT meets these requirements splendidly, having passed rigorous tests including the GB/T 25119 for general safety, GB/T 29299 for range accuracy, and the GB 9254 EMC for electromagnetic compatibility. Additionally, its compliance with the EN60825 Class 1 laser safety standard ensures that it can be safely used even in densely populated or highly regulated areas.


The Benewake Horn-RT 3D LiDAR system sets a new benchmark in the field of environmental monitoring and industrial surveillance. With its advanced 3D lidar technology, durable construction, and compliance with numerous safety standards, the Horn-RT is equipped to handle the complexities of modern monitoring tasks. Its robust design and versatile capabilities make it an invaluable tool for industries seeking to enhance operational efficiency and safety through innovative technological solutions.

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