Books to be followed for Upcoming TV shows and Movies

Books to be followed for Upcoming TV shows and Movies

Are you curious about reading the books for upcoming TV shows and Movies? Do you want that these books be adapted for TV? If yes, we will help you get the name of these top books with the help of this article. In today’s world, there are a lot of books available to read. There are also many book lovers who purchase the books for upcoming Television shows and movies. We prepared this article by adding more movie adaptions. If you also want to know about the top books followed for upcoming television shows and movies, you should read the complete article.

The Tatas

Girish Kuber is the author of the book The Tatas. John D. Rockefeller created unpredicted wealth in the US that he would put into the service to his nation. That same century, it was a great time to take the initiative and make associations worldwide. In this book, a Parsi family with modest roots was giving their service to India. Young Nusserwanji realized his destiny and decided to move to Bombay city in search of good business. Soon he started a cotton commerce venture and grew his composite business by establishing more textile mills.

In the footsteps of Rama:

It is the story based on the facts of the travels in Ramayana. Vikrant Pande and Neelesh Kulkarni search to recall the series of Rama’s celebrated journey during his years in exile. Starting with their efforst to place Chitrakoot on the map and realize that they might have little idea about it. The writers are curious to locate the places mentioned in the Ramayana. In this way, they set on their journey. In this book, In the Footsteps of Rama, the stories in the Ramayana binds the people together and still speaks to the people who live in the same land.

The Murderer, the Monarch, and the Fakir:

It is a brand-new account with the controversial story of political assasination in the existing history of Mahatma Gandhi. The Murderer, the Monarch, and the Fakir is based on unseen intelligence reports and police officers’ records. It reflects the circumstances of the murder, and further investigation that took place on the murder. It narrates the story by going deeply into the hate crimes and challenges faced. It analyzes the potential role of monarchial regions in the state and an assertive right-wing in the circumstances of the nation that just achieved its freedom by winning independence.

Just Transferred:

Just Transferred is the untold story of the transit man of the Indian bureaucracy, Ashok Khemka. In this book, the IAS agent reported into the limelight in 2012, when he refused the land mutation done with realty major DLF and company that belonged to Robert Vadra, the son-in-law of the president of the Indian Congress Party,  Sonia Gandhi. It is the book that reflects the story of the power of the Congress.

Ivory Throne:

It is a book of that time when Vasco Da Gama reached Kerala searching for Christians and spices, and he released a wave of political anger that would collapse local powers as the house of the cards. The culture fabric of a vibrant commerce society with its Arab and Jewish dealers, Chinese raider heroes, and many more. Ivory Throne follows the two centuries’ stories of conflict in the premier princely states of India. It is the book in which flamboyant painter Raja Ravi Varma and his wife play the supporting roles.


In this article, we tell you the top five books that come with television adaptations and movies. Also, we highlight and reflect on the main story of each book.

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