Can You Buy Crypto With A Credit Card From KuCoin?

Can You Buy Crypto With A Credit Card From KuCoin?

Buying Crypto could be challenging, especially when a beginner investor or trader. However, once you are complete with the process, it is straightforward to continue your trading and investing crypto journey; with the rise of crypto trading, there are many marketplaces that you could use, but the best one that stands out is none other than Kucoin.

Kucoin is a fantastic platform that offers more than 600 crypto coins and supports exchange in 40+ official fiat currencies, namely USDT, EUR, and AUD. To buy cryptocurrency, you have to go through the following steps.

Sign Up

Starting with the signup, first, you have to go to the Kucoin website, and once you reach there, you have to click on the button signup. Then it gives you the option of whether you are using your email or phone number. Choose your preference. If you use your phone number, a confirmation code will be sent to you. Once you enter it, you will have to set a strong password for your account. Once you are complete with this way, you are login to the amount.

For those folks who are using the email, you have to pass a CAPTCHA click next following that; you would then have to enter your email. After a few seconds, a confirmation code would be sent by clicking the email. The confirmation code will be automatically entered. You will be back to the login page, where you will have to enter your info.

Adding Security

Kucoin doesn’t compromise its used security, and that’s why you have to go through a process that works as an another layer of protection to your platform; a 2-factor authorization is default and not optional; following the onscreen instruction, you have to download google authenticator then scan an onscreen bar code following that your account is secured.


Knowing your customer is a process necessary for the identification of the users. It also enables users to benefit from added features of Kucoin such as trading bot trade, future, and margin trading.

Carrying Your First Trade

Once you are complete with the process mentioned above, go to the menu, and choose the method of transfer, which would be a Credit/Debit card. Following that, you would have to enter your phone number/email, filling the identity process then you would have to upload the picture of your Id or passport. Enter the details of your credit/ debit card would be the next step, such as your Id card number and the amount you want to withdraw or deposit upon completing this process which would take a while. You have to sit back. Once the deposit and transaction are carried out, you will receive a confirmation mail from Kucoin for the transaction to be done successfully.

The whole process might look very much tiering but believe me, it’s not. It would take you just 15 minutes or so. There might be some difference if you use a mobile phone or Laptop/PC.

Trading on Kucoin is easy, fast, and efficient for everyone, so don’t waste time and jump into the billion-dollar crypto industry.

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