Choosing the Correct Makeup and Hair Color for your Skin Tone

Looking good is easy if you ensure that your natural colors are in harmony with the colors you are wearing. This means ensuring that the colors of the makeup you choose blend well with your overall skin color and hair color. This is crucial as matching colors in this manner ensures that the makeup you apply highlights your face and adds value to it, instead of taking away from it or distracting attention.

The secret to doing flattering makeup is to build on what you are already gifted with, your natural skin tone and hair color. Here, it is also important to remember that successful makeup is more about using the right shades of colors than bold colors itself.

Primarily, skin has two shades of color called the undertone and the overtone. The overtone of your skin is what you see when you look at yourself, and because this skin is exposed to numerous elements such as tanning, it changes color over the years. However, the undertone of your skin remains much the same throughout your life as it is considered the inside or permanent shade of our skin. Here, it is good to understand that your skin color is different from your skin undertone, it is the base of your skin color, or like a natural foundation at best. Such an undertone is best visible on the underside of our wrist. Good makeup is about matching and blending color with the skin undertone and not the skin color. This should be done in such a harmonious and gentle way that it builds or adds to your overall complexion, giving it a smoother, softer and flawless look. Broadly speaking, makeup and skin experts have divided these skin undertones into three broad categories, namely cool tones, warm tones and neutral tones.

Choosing the Correct Makeup Colors for Your Skin Tone

When it comes to doing makeup, finding out the correct skin tone is paramount. To do this, you simply have to look at the inside of your forearm and wrist, where veins are generally visible. If your veins appear slightly greenish, that means you have a yellow skin undertone or a warm skin tone. However, if your veins appear more bluish, you clearly have bluish-pinkish undertones or a cold skin tone. Should you not be able to clearly make out the color of your veins, and the overall area has a beige tint, then you possess a neutral skin tone.

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