Definition of Mean, Mode, Median

Definition of Mean, Mode, Median

Have you heard of the term “central tendency”? No! Let me explain what I mean by central tendency: the center or unique value in a particular distribution. The three types of central tendency are mean, mode and median.

In this article, we are going to discuss various examples each on the topic mean, median, and mode.

What is Mean?

The mean is a statistical measure of central tendency that is the most common in everyday situations. The mean is the average of all the numbers in the given set of numbers or observations. In statistics, the mean indicates the central location of a distribution, where most of the values fall. A mean is a summary statistic that is typically calculated by summing a set of values and then dividing by how many values are in the set.

Mean Formula = Sum of all the values / Total number of values

Let’s go through an example, The class teacher of standard 4 has marks of all the students of the class. She wants to find the mean of all the marks obtained by the students of the class.

The list of all the marks are given below –

Rio scored 50, Jenny scored 40, Rita scored 48, Sukhdeep scored 40, Raj scored 34, Meera Scored 40, Mohan scored 45, Rahul scored 50, Aman scored 42 & Stuti scored 40.

Let’s first calculate the total marks obtained by all the ten students,


The sum of all the values is equal to 430

The total number of students is equal to 10. Therefore, the mean is equal to 430/10 = 43.

Definition of Median

Median is a data point that represents the value that divides half the values in a dataset into two equal groups. The values that are not included in the median are called outliers. Outliers can significantly affect the results of a dataset, so you should make sure that they are removed before using the data for any purpose. The median is the best measure of central tendency for a dataset with an even number of values.

Definition of Mode

The mode of a given observation is defined as the maximum frequency or observation for a particular set of data that has been given The following are some instances of mode;

Example 1: What is the mode of the following numbers: 4, 2, 5, 2,7, 2?

As a result, we can see that the total number of observations is equal to 6.

Now let’s arrange the given numbers in ascending order = 2,2,2,4,5,7

We can clearly see that the number 2 occurs the maximum number of times. It occurs thrice.

Therefore, the mode of the observation is equal to 2.

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