Details on how to play Buu and good playing tips from experts

Bai Buu is a card game with quite simple errors and easy to win prizes. Although the popularity of this entertainment compared to many other names is still limited. But it’s hard to deny the appeal of playing Buu. If you want to understand more about this card game, please read the entire content New88 right below.
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Discover the name of the song Buu 

The popularity of the Buu card game is quite limited, so few people know that this card game is also known as 4-card Binh. Accordingly, the deck of cards used for the main Buu card is 52 cards with the Joker removed. In addition, this game only depends on red and black, and does not require much personal skill. In general, the rules of Buu card game are quite similar to Gray Binh Xap, so if you have played this game before, you will get used to it very quickly. 

In order for you to start a game of Buu, you must invite 1 more person. Next, each member is divided into 4 pieces and placed first and last. In particular, these 2 heads must possess 2 pieces and the head is stronger than the tail. Finally, you will compare scores with other members to know who wins and who loses. 

Currently, Buu card game has 2 most popular playing styles: 

  • The Buu card has no picture card: You will remove all human-shaped cards. 
  • Buu card has West: You will use all the cards in the set of 52 cards. 

Details of Buu card playing rules 

Although Buu card game has very simple rules. But if you want to master every move to win more easily, then grasp all of the following. 

Deck of cards 

As mentioned at the beginning of the article, Buu will use a deck of 52 Western cards. This is also something that other card games are also using. In addition, depending on the style of playing Buu, you may or may not use all 52 cards. 

Arrange cards 

In the Buu card game, you will be dealt 4 cards. In it, you need to arrange the first 2 cards and the last 2 cards. In addition, the strength of the head must always be greater than the tail. 

Calculate points 

After you receive the cards, you will arrange the positions yourself and compare the results. Accordingly, the scoring order is specified as follows: 

  • Four-of-a-kind scoring is considered the strongest in the Buu card. This is a set of 4 cards of the same value. 
  • Scoring Sam Co: this is the 2nd strongest suit in the Buu card, including 3 cards of the same number. 
  • Calculate Break Point: gather 4 cards of the same quality. 
  • Scoring Pair: gather 2 cards of the same number. 
  • Calculate Attack points: collect 9s, Aces and 2 random cards. 

If you do not fall into the above cases, points will be calculated by taking the total of 2 cards. So, you can see that this calculation method of the Buu card is quite similar to the Scratch card.

The most basic way to play Buu 

If you have ever played Mau Binh, you will see that Buu has a similar playing style. However, this card game is less complicated and easier to play. In addition, the duration of each first game is only a few minutes, specifically as follows: 

Place a bet 

Before you play Buu, you must place a bet. The amount will depend on where you participate: 

  • Bet the house wins. 
  • Bet on the house and beat the house. 
  • Bet to win the bookmaker’s Jackpot. 
  • Bet to win your family’s Jackpot. 

Some situations where you can win the Jackpot include: 

  • Member owns Four of a Kind Aces or other numbers. 
  • Members own a set of Three. 
  • Member owns 4 cards of the same suit. 

Distribute the cards 

When you play Buu at the online dealer, the system will automatically deal 4 cards to each side. At the same time, those cards are automatically arranged first and last to comply with the rules.
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Compare scores 

After you have received all your cards, the dealer will begin comparing scores. At this time, the winner and loser will be clearly determined to divide the prize. 

Good Buu card playing tips from experts 

Each game of Buu takes place extremely quickly. So anyone can join and get acquainted right away. However, if you want to win, you must know specific tips. Here are some tips on how to play Buu effectively that you should memorize. 

How to play Buu, only bet when you understand everything 

In any card game, if you want to win, you must first understand the rules of the game. Because if you do not ensure this, the possibility of losing and losing your money is very likely to happen. For bettors, going bankrupt is a terrible thing and no one wants to experience it. In addition, if you lose, your psychology will be seriously affected, leading to more wrong decisions. 

Know when to stop playing at the right time 

Although it’s easy to get carried away by the appeal of Buu. But you should balance your time as long as the allocation between study, work and entertainment is not affected. Accordingly, you should set playing limits for yourself. At this point, you will know when to play and when to stop. Thanks to that, your personal work is not affected or affected. In addition, playing games at a reasonable time also helps you make better decisions. 

How to play Buu to properly allocate capital 

Everyone knows how to play Buu card game very easily and quickly. But if you want to stick with this card game, you must know how to control your bets. Accordingly, all bets are divided equally in the winning rate. Therefore, this is an ideal game for you to hunt for money. So you should learn ways to divide your capital or fold to play Buu more effectively. 

The mentality must always be strong 

Psychology is always the deciding factor in your ability to win while playing Buu. You cannot make a good move if you bring a tired, negative state into the game. This only makes you make more wrong decisions. Therefore, if you feel in a bad mood today, let yourself rest, don’t rush to play Buu card game and lose money. 

When you have a comfortable mentality, your confidence when playing Buu increases. Thanks to that, each step of your decision-making process has a certain accuracy. In addition, having a stable mentality will help you not get caught up in winning or losing situations. 

Choose a quality bookmaker or game portal to play 

It is also very important that you choose a quality dealer to play Buu. Because many less reputable entertainment addresses still exist today. Therefore, if you are unlucky enough to enter by mistake, you will easily be deceived, cheated, and unfair. 

Instead, refer to reviews from many sources. Then decide for yourself which bookmaker to join. If it is a reputable playground, you don’t have to worry about being scammed or unfair. Everything will definitely happen randomly, the house never interferes with the game results.  


Through the above article, you have a better understanding How to play Buu card game. Obviously you can see that this card game is simple from form to gameplay. Therefore, Buu cards are suitable as a game for you to entertain with relatives or friends. Especially if the bettor knows the tricks, the ability to make huge money with this card game is quite simple. 


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