ForwardX’s AMRs Promote the Improvement of Warehousing Efficiency

Under the increasingly fierce competition in the e-commerce market, major e-commerce companies have accelerated the intelligent distribution of logistics. The popularity of intelligent distribution cannot be achieved without the efficiency improvement of warehousing systems. The widespread use of person-to-goods automation has led to leaps and bounds in picking efficiency in warehousing systems. ForwardX, a high-end AMR manufacturer from China, introduces the features of automatic vision robots.

The use of ForwardX’s AMR: Improving the efficiency of goods picking

The use of automation technology has made it possible to envision robots that enhance the workforce and save on operational costs. The robot with vision recognition automatically goes to the warehouse area to find the goods to be screened and moves the shelves containing the goods to the screening table, reducing the walking distance of the screening operator, and realizing the change from “people looking for goods” to “goods looking for people”.

Such automation technology, for the picking efficiency of the storage system to bring improvement, is huge. Not only in terms of efficiency, but also in terms of flexibility, which has been greatly improved.

Introducing ForwardX’s Outstanding AMRs

After a long period of intensive research and development, the fourth generation “Vision Recognition plus LIDAR” AMR has been launched.

The robot has several independent intellectual property rights, which can perform semantic segmentation, distance estimation, object classification, pedestrian recognition, motion prediction, height recognition, and V-SLAM calculation on visual information. The robot achieves comprehensive perception and awareness of its surroundings with all these innovative technological functions.

Compared to the need for environmental placement tags to make the robot passively recognize, ForwardX’s AMR’s active recognition system covers 360 degrees of short space and can complete planning and movement on its own according to the task. This is a quantum leap in terms of efficiency. Visit the official website of ForwardX for more information about their innovative AMR products.

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