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Is there any official ceremony on the way? Do you want to make your employees happy? You can give them bounce and discounts but there is something else that can help you to spread a little happiness around your office.

 Gift the different types of bases on the basis of their working. If you think about where you can get those badges. VOGRACE is on the way to providing you with the best quality email-based and enamel paints with 100 customizations.  Not only with acrylic keychain nuts with these pins can you make your employees happy.

So here you will get all the required information related to the best supplies of high-quality custom hard enamel pins from VOGRACE. So if you want to get any of them don’t miss this blog. Let’s check out.

What is an enamel pin?

An enamel pin or enamel bag is a type of high-grade carotid iron or a piece of copper that is made by using high technology. That piece of iron or copper is shaped in the form of a badge or pin by using enamel powder. That’s just like bean paste.

A good quality enamel has the following character:

  • Its color is fine and mixed with the metal line
  • Dark colors don’t get faded with this powder
  • They do not get hurt by hard and sharp shapes

Types of enamel pin

There are lots of attractive types of soft enamel badges and one of the most widely used pin is the hard enamel pin but there are lot more types that VOGRACE will provide you less checkout those types

Hard enamel pin

It is the top-rated pin that contains hard grading with smooth edges and the best bright surface, its workmanship is very adaptive and its price is also a little higher than all other pins or badges because of its quality. This is the first-ever choice if you are looking for quality badges.

Soft enamel pin

If you want something colorful and attractive go for this to sift name; pin. This pin does not make a gradient but still, it looks good. You can make color on its convex  part only the inner part will be cooler but still, it looks good

Die casting enamel pin

If you want to check out the hollow multi-level badges you must have to try this doe casting enamel pin. Because this pain will provide you with a colorful combination of glitters as well. These badges are also highly demanding, the material used in these badges is also used to make medals.

Stamping process

This process feels like convex and concave feelings. The reason is its high-quality texture. These badges are wear-resistant, nondeformable, and have three dimensions that make them even more eye-catching. Only solid colors are used in these badges.

Printing epoxy process

This process is used for making multi-color badges. If you want to be started or general badges you can choose the song because the price is low and equity is also fair. But you can customize it accordingly to make them more attractive but that price level will depend on your customization

Design notice for an order

Before placing your order on VOGRACE for these hard enamel badges you must have to consider the shape and size or instruction of the order must be 100% correct so that you can not face any problems while you get your order. You must have to follow the instruction given below

  • Make sure that you draw a colored diagram
  • If you have an idea about Pantone colors must provide an idea about colors
  • The line must be about 0.3 mm thick your order will reside with the same thickness
  • Must check your order before proofing it and proofing for this order is compulsory
  • Logo or other prints will be created on the back side of the badge
  • In hard enamel must naive or draw the color difference
  • If you still have any queries about the product check out the details from the official website
  • Multiple products are made in the bra d of grace and an acrylic keychain is one of them you can also customize any of it

Material instruction

There are lots of products that are popular due to the best quality. Notably the pins but also custom keychains, stickers pillows, stationary, or phone cases. So before placing the order you must check the instruction of your order from the official page of vograce. The instruction for the enamel hard pin includes:

  • The product will be 1 to 2.5 inches in size
  • The thickness of that product will nr 2cm
  • The process of making that pain will be different because there are lots of other materials used for making these pis
  • Plating is also acceptable including gold. Nickel silver or more
  • All the Pantone colors are acceptable
  • Design can be customized according to the demands of the customer

Frequently asked questions 

Can I make a custom logo or shape?

Yes, you can customize the SharePoint logo or your product. Not only this you can customize the size, printing styles, or all the minor details 

Can I order hard and soft enamel badges with the same design?

Yes, you can order it but you must have an idea that hard enamel includes Pantone colors and soft enamel makes color preference at the center of it. So must kami idea of colors before planting same design for different products

Can I get stationery products from vograce?

Why not, there are lots of stationery products available at grace including, custom pencil cases, custom pen holders, and more in the same line

Final words

In this blog, you have got all the information related to the best quality enamel pin supplies by VOGRACE. Now you can easily customize your desired pins for your office ceremony. Don’t hesitate to place the order.

Pro tip: customize the 3 gold, silver, and platinum pins to grade up your employees. 

If this blog was help full or make you feel relaxed for your ceremony just let me know in the comment area and place your order from VOGRACE to feel more comfortable

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