Hand Sewing Arts

Hand sewing arts are also described as needlework. They include Crochet, Hand Embroidery, Knitting, Macrame’, Rug Making, Tatting, Cross Stitch, and Hand Sewing. These arts have dominated sewing for thousands of years, and are considered to be traditional arts of excellence and beauty using threads and needles.


Crochet is a needlework system of interlocking looped stitches formed by a single hook and a single yarn for creating delicate open designs. Crochet became popular almost four hundred years ago as a means to creating “American Lace”. Today, crochet is a treasured heritage skill used for making items for home and family such as pot holders.

When you look at a Crochet pattern, it may look a bit intimidating. It is full of strange letter combinations that require you to master the Crochet code or language. For example, you will see abbreviations for beginning as beg; block as bl; and cluster as cl. Not only do you need to master the code, but you also have a whole set of terms, definitions, intricate designs, and skill

Hand Embroidery

Embroidery is a technique to embellish fabric using decorative threads. Color, texture, and design become the artistic tools of expression with thread and needle. These techniques are commonly applied to borders, motifs, and elaborate designs on the face of the fabric. There are hundreds of different stitches used to create beautiful effects. There are border stitches, design stitches, edge stitches, fill stitches, outline stitches, and more

There are special tools and materials used in this art form. They include a collection of needles including the crewel needle (short needle with a long skinny eye in sizes from 1 to 12. the Lower number is the largest needle.)

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