Innovating Interventional Precision: APT Medical’s Therapeutic Catheter Excellence

APT Medical is a trailblazer in the field of interventional medicine because of its remarkable therapeutic products, especially the ground-breaking Embocatcher™ Embolic Protection Device. It designed to improve patient outcomes and procedure safety.

Innovative Design for Unparalleled Precision

The Embocatcher™ Embolic Protection Device features a Co-Axial Nitinol braided filter basket and a unique three-lobe retrieval design. This innovative approach allows for superior wall attachment and significantly reduces the risk of emboli escaping during retrieval, ensuring a level of precision unmatched in the field.

The Embocatcher™ Embolic Protection Device boasts rapid exchange capabilities at the delivery end, making it compatible with various wires used in radiology, cardiology, and more. The filter basket’s ability to move freely along the wire ensures stable delivery of subsequent devices, enhancing the overall efficiency of interventional processes.

A Partnership for Progress: APT Medical and Clinicians

APT Medical’s commitment to excellence extends beyond product innovation. Collaborating closely with clinicians, the company ensures that therapeutic catheters meet the evolving needs of healthcare providers. This dedication to partnership and product excellence positions APT Medical as a leader in advancing interventional treatment.


In conclusion, APT Medical’s therapeutic products, epitomized by the Embocatcher™ Embolic Protection Device, redefine precision in interventional procedures. The seamless integration, innovative design, and collaborative approach with clinicians showcase APT Medical’s commitment to excellence, setting a new standard for therapeutic catheters globally.


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