Introducing Edan’s Video Colposcope: Revolutionizing Gynecological Screening

Are you looking for a cutting-edge solution that meets the stringent requirements of gynecologists in colposcopic screening? Look no further than Edan‘s latest innovation – the HD digital colposcope series, C6 HD/C6A HD. This state-of-the-art video colposcope is the perfect combination of an outstanding HD camera, powerful software, and a convenient workstation, delivering exceptional performance in gynecological examinations.

Superior Image Quality for Accurate Diagnosis

Edan’s C6 HD/C6A HD video colposcope is equipped with a high-resolution camera and unique LED light type, ensuring unparalleled image quality.  Every detail of the examination area is reproduced to the greatest extent, providing gynecologists with a clear and precise view during colposcopy procedures. This advanced technology enables accurate diagnosis and enhances patient care.

Streamlined Workflow with Professional Software

Edan’s video colposcope comes with professional software and analysis tools that simplify and standardize the entire examination process.  Gynecologists can seamlessly navigate through the software, capturing and recording images, analyzing data, and generating comprehensive reports. This intuitive software ensures efficient workflow management and enables well-regulated colposcopic screenings.


In conclusion, Edan’s video colposcope, the C6 HD/C6A HD series, is a game-changer in the field of gynecological screening. With its high-resolution camera, unique LED light type, and powerful software, gynecologists can now perform accurate and efficient colposcopy examinations. Edan continues to push boundaries in medical technology, empowering healthcare professionals with innovative solutions that enhance patient care. Trust Edan for advanced video colposcope systems that deliver superior image quality and streamline workflow for gynecological screenings.


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