Introducing YANSEN’s YSITXXX-P130 2242: Redefining Industrial Grade SSD Performance


YANSEN‘s YSITXXX-P130 2242 industrial grade ssd is engineered to revolutionize storage performance in industrial environments. Featuring a standard M.2 (B&M Key) 2242 form factor and SATA interface, this SSD is equipped with a two-channel SSD controller and 3D TLC NAND Flash technology, ensuring exceptional reliability and efficiency.

High-Performance Design

Designed to meet the demanding requirements of industrial applications, the YSITXXX-P130 2242 boasts compliance with Serial ATA I/II/III and 3.2 Protocol standards. With optimized read and write speeds, this industrial grade ssd delivers seamless data transfer performance, enhancing operational efficiency.

Advanced Data Integrity Features

YANSEN incorporates advanced data integrity features into the YSITXXX-P130 2242 to ensure the reliability of stored data. Utilizing Bad Block Management, Dynamic and Static Wear Leveling, LDPC, and other techniques, this industrial grade ssd maintains data integrity, providing consistent performance over time.

Superior Alternative to Traditional HDDs

The YSITXXX-P130 2242 serves as a superior replacement for traditional hard disk drives in industrial settings. Offering enhanced performance and efficiency, this industrial grade ssd outperforms HDDs, delivering improved speed and reliability for critical industrial applications.

Robust Industrial-Grade Design

Measuring 80.0mm in length, the YSITXXX-P130 2242 is engineered for durability and reliability in industrial environments. It can withstand harsh temperature conditions, ensuring reliable performance even in challenging industrial settings.


Elevate Your Industrial Storage Solutions with YANSEN: In conclusion, the YANSEN YSITXXX-P130 2242 v sets a new standard for storage performance in industrial environments. With its innovative design, advanced data integrity features, and seamless compatibility, this SSD offers unparalleled reliability and efficiency. Trust YANSEN to elevate your industrial storage infrastructure and optimize performance in your operations.


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