Keep Innovating: ForwardX Robotics

ForwardX, as the world’s leading vision-guided mobile robot company, will continue to insist on R&D investment and technological innovation and help more companies reduce costs and increase efficiency with constantly upgraded and developed technologies and products.

The significance of flexibility

In recent years, the chain business industry has become the most dynamic retail format in the business sector. Branding, digitalization, and differentiated operation have become the development trend of chain business.

And with the arrival of the post-epidemic era, it is increasingly important to establish a more flexible and swift responsive supply chain system. ForwardX’s AMR-based automation solution is the premium choice.

Rapid Deployment

Compared to the traditional fixed conveyor line model, ForwardX offers a fast deployment of AMR automation solutions that can be implemented quickly. Even with changes such as warehouse moves, AMRs can be back in service within 1 week.

Also, ForwardX’s advanced f(x) system supports real-time scheduling and management of visual AMRs across multiple depots, making everything manageable. ForwardX’s AMR solutions are orderly and reliable.

Safety also matters

ForwardX AMRs perceive the working environment through a depth-sensing camera, LiDAR, and other sensors to further improve the accurate positioning of the single machine, which can stay unobstructed in conditions where people and machines are mixed and can realize three-dimensional obstacle avoidance of static and mobile obstacles.

Visit the official website of ForwardX for more information about their outstanding products!

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