Makeup Tools and Brush Sanitation

Perfect makeup requires the use of the right tools and the best cosmetics. But just making use of the perfect equipment is not enough to keep your skin looking and feeling great. It is important to maintain your makeup equipment in good condition and also to ensure that it stays fresh, clean and usable.

The Importance of Keeping your Makeup and Tools Clean

When you apply your makeup using various tools such as brushes, sponges, etc. some of the cosmetic material is left behind on them. When the brush touches your skin, it is exposed to the oil residue and dirt that cover your skin. Using the same brush over and over again results in these remnants coming into contact with your skin repeatedly. The result of this is outbreaks, rashes, and allergies that arise as a result of poor skin hygiene.

No matter how much you clean your skin, using dirty brushes or sponges to apply makeup exposes your skin to irritants several times a day. By adopting a regular maintenance routine is the only way to avoid this. It is also important to ensure that the makeup you use is clean. If your makeup has been contaminated, do not hesitate to discard it since filthy makeup can have severe reactions on your skin.

How to Keep Your Makeup Clean

Avoid sharing mascara, eyeliners, lip gloss, and lipsticks with other users to keep it sanitary. After use, sanitize your eye pencils and lip pencils with a makeup sanitizer or sharpen them with a pencil sharpener. Allow the products to dry thoroughly before putting them away in your covered kit. If you have an eye infection and have been using your mascara or gel eyeliner, discard it and use a fresh one to avoid infecting your eye again.

Powder products can be shared with others, without compromising hygiene, provided each of you has a separate brush/applicator. Remember to clean the brushes/applicators thoroughly so that the product is not contaminated by them. All sponges and puffs should be cleaned using soap and water and letting it dry naturally and all tweezers and curlers should be sterilized with surgical alcohol.

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