Making the most out of your storage drawers

Storage drawers come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, materials, dimensions, abilities, colours, and looks. They are among the most common ways we store our stuff. Whether your storage drawers are part of a cabinet, a separate component, or an individual piece they can be invaluable to keeping your stuff tidy, protected, and organised. However, there are ways to make the most out of your storage drawers and here, we will explore a few of the options you have.


If your storage drawer must hold several things, possibly similar but slightly different, such as cutlery, a divider will separate the things into their categories making finding the right piece you need easier. You can use dividers to separate colours, perhaps in the case of beads, or sizes, as with screws and nails, or a divider can simply define the separate areas of the storage drawer.


You can place inserts in the bottom of your storage drawers. They are often made from foam, and you can make them yourself. Perhaps you are wanting to put your tools away in the storage drawers of your toolbox. By arranging the drawers into categories, laying the tools into their corresponding paper-lined drawer, and then tracing around each piece, you can make a template for your insert. Once you are happy with how the tools are set out then you can cut out the shapes in the foam. Not only will this make finding your tools easier, you will also know when any are missing.


A big part of good storage is knowing where to find things when you need them. With storage drawers there are a few options to help you out. Labels are easy and can be as simple as using a piece of masking tape to write on and stick to the outside of the storage drawer. You can also use coloured lids on the containers or storage drawers to indicate what is inside. This may work best for things like material when the material colour can coordinate with the container or lid colour.


When you pack your things into the storage drawers make sure you utilise the best packing option available. For example, if you are putting your clothes away in a storage drawer then using a folding style like that of the KonMari method. This will maximise the amount of clothing you can fit in the drawer neatly and it will make each item easily accessible too. There are many options in storage drawers, dividers, and inserts, as well as many places like RS who supply them.

By making the most of your storage drawers you can store more things, find them easier, and know straight away when something is missing. You can add cut-out inserts, dividers, labels, colouring coding and more to make your storage drawers more efficient and get the most out of them. With our tips on storage drawers and the team at RS you can tidy, store, locate, and protect your belongings.

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