Master of Arts in Teaching

Master of Arts in Teaching 

The Master of Arts in Teaching is an advanced professional degree for secondary teaching majors that emphasizes curriculum design, social justice education, and leadership development. The Master in Education, on the other hand, is a graduate degree for all levels of teachers. Masters of Education tend to cover a broader range of topics but don’t go as deeply into curriculum design and social justice education as the M.A. in Teaching.”

There are many differences between the two degrees, confusing prospective students looking to pursue higher education to become a teacher. The article will outline those differences so that you can make an informed decision about your future career.”

What is the Difference Between a M.A.T. Degree and a ME Degree?

Masters of Education (M.E.) degrees are generally for candidates who already have their teaching license and want to get their master’s degree. In most cases, a Master of Arts in Teaching (M.A.T.) degree is a two-year program designed for candidates with a Bachelor’s degree in the field of education. The M.A.T. degree is specifically designed for new and veteran teachers alike. Because the M.A.T. degree is designed for teachers with another degree, candidates usually have graduate work experience or are currently working towards a teaching license. On the other hand, the M.E. degree is designed for people who want to teach but already have their teaching license. All states require a master’s degree to become licensed as a teacher.”

How can I do “A Master of Arts in Teaching online?

Distance learning programs have become increasingly popular as more and more educators seek ways to further their education without leaving the classroom.They are sell online courses from your own website  It is no surprise that the Master of Arts in Teaching is one of the most popular online master’s degree programs for teachers. Online M.A.T. degree programs allow educators to stay in their area and earn a graduate degree at their own pace.

The M.A.T. heavily emphasizes curriculum design, social justice education, and leadership development. The M.E. is a Masters in Education which doesn’t go as deeply into curriculum design or social justice education but covers a broad range of topics.”

What are the Advantages of Getting an Online Master’s Degree in Teaching?

Teachers have many reasons for returning to school to receive a higher education degree. selling online courses of  M.A.T. programs offer one-on-one mentoring from experienced educators and are less expensive than traditional campus-based programs. The most significant advantage to receiving your M.A.T. degree online is that you can continue earning your living as a teacher.”

Another benefit of getting an online M.A.T. degree is that you can study on your schedule without moving around from class to class. With a classroom-based learning environment, you will have the support of an instructor and a personal tutor who can help you with specific coursework. You will also benefit from other students who share your interest in teaching.

How is an Online Master’s Degree in Teaching differently from Master’s Programs?

The Master of Arts in Teaching is an online master’s degree program for educators. The master’s degree for teachers differs from other online graduate programs because it prepares participants to teach effectively and ethically. The M.A.T. will equip you with the skills to help your students develop the capacity to think critically and express their thoughts in written form and deliver lessons that address a range of learning styles.”

Online M.A.T. programs build upon your existing knowledge and experience in education, rather than requiring you to have worked as a teacher before enrolling. Prospective students should be aware that online M.A.T. degrees do not yield teaching certificates, which means that they cannot be used as substitutes for traditional classroom-based master programs.” 

What Certificates and Licenses do You need to get after earning the M.A.T.?

To use your M.A.T. certificate as a substitute for traditional classroom-based master programs, you will need additional certification and licensure. Some school districts or private institutions will recognize your M.A.T. certificate, but you will still have to complete additional coursework to earn a teaching certificate. M.A.T. certification is internationally recognized by the Council of Europe, which means that you are qualified to teach within the European Union and in some other European countries.

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