QMY Powers Ahead in the Booming Micro-Mobility Market

As businesses strive for innovation and optimization, QMY emerges as a reliable partner, offering cutting-edge lightweight scooter for adults tailored to the potential segment. As projections estimate the e-scooter and motorcycle market reaching $13,864 million by 2025 due widespread adoption of micro-mobility, QMY is poised to capture significant opportunities with its innovative lightweight Model A electric scooter.

Unmatched Convenience and Practicality

Weighing just 27.6 pounds yet folding down smaller than typical luggage, the Model A scooter lets adults easily combine various mobility options. This blend of portability and performance empowers busy professionals to navigate urban landscapes seamlessly.

Swift and Smoothe Riding Experience

Powered by a robust lithium-ion battery, the Model A cruises up to 15 miles on a single charge. Its dual motor system guarantees steady acceleration even on slopes while front suspension absorbs surface imperfections. Digital readouts present ride analytics.

Enhanced Versatility and Safety

Model A riders feel confident tackling bicycle lanes and pedestrian paths with safety features like rear disc brakes and bright LED turn signals. An optional rear luggage rack expands cargo ability.

Growing Momentum

Since launching in 2017 to critical acclaim for its breakthrough design, QMY has doubled Model A production capacity to meet enthusiastic demand across global markets. The company continues investing to develop localized supporting infrastructure worldwide.


By consistently advancing the frontiers of micro-mobility engineering, QMY is uniquely positioned to spearhead this exponential industry expansion through 2025 and beyond. The Model A empowers accessible sustainability on a societal scale.


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