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Social Media Marketing: The Next Generation of Business Engagement

“Social media has become a primary tool for higher levels of fan engagement, directly
driving lead generation through interaction and content sharing that is especially
relevant to media companies. Social Media Marketing: The Next Generation of
Business Engagement deconstructs the tools and techniques, showing you how to
apply social technology to your business.”
—John Fisher, CEO, Looppa, Buenos Aires

“Innovation is not a one-way street where you walk alone! Take your customers on
the journey, and see the difference. Social technologies, clearly explained in Dave’s
book, enable you and your customers to work as a team.”
—Kaushal Sarda, Founder, Uhuroo, Bangalore

“Rigorous, measurable quality improvement is critical for getting social media and word-of-mouth working for your business. Dave’s book highlights quality programs
that work, and shows you how to implement them in your business.”
—Jeff Turk, CEO, Formaspace, Austin, TX

“What’s so appealing about social media is its power to reach not just one consumer at a time, but a massive network of friends through the open graph. Businesses must learn to do this or risk losing their connection with consumers altogether. Social
Media Marketing: The Next Generation of Business Engagement shows you how.

—Roger Katz, CEO, Friend2Friend, Palo Alto, CA, and Barcelona

“Dave provides a practical approach for leaders who want to harness the power of
social media to cost-effectively transform their business and catapult themselves
ahead of the competition. At the same time, Social Media Marketing: The Next
Generation of Business Engagement is extraordinary because it is a fun, genuine, and
an inspiring resource that sets a new standard for social media insights.”
—Ian Giles, Vice President, Strategic Services, Thindata 1:1, Toronto

“Dave takes social media from concepts and theory to concrete, simple steps that
make it easy to implement social technology in your business.”
—Marco Roncaglio, Director of Online Marketing, Personal Care, Philips
Consumer Lifestyle, Amsterdam

“Purchase decisions are now influenced by complex networks of friends, family, and peers. The new market winners will be the companies that excel at identifying and
engaging with their customers’ influencers across the Social Web.”
—Paul May, Founder, and CEO, BuzzStream, Austin, TX

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