Take Your Filmmaking to the Next Level with LED COB Lighting and Wireless Follow Focus by SmallRig

In the fast-evolving world of photography and filmmaking, SmallRig stands as a beacon of innovation, catering to the needs of creators with top-notch solutions. From its inception in 2013, SmallRig has been closely attuned to user feedback, resulting in products that make a real difference. Let’s delve into the magic that LED COB Lighting and wireless follow focus systems bring to the table, and how SmallRig seamlessly blends innovation with user needs.

LED COB Lighting: Shaping Cinematic Ambiance

Imagine setting the perfect scene with cinematic lighting that enhances your storytelling. SmallRig’s advanced COB LED lights are designed to make your visual narratives shine. These lights offer unparalleled lighting quality, transforming your shooting location into a mesmerizing backdrop. With adjustable brightness and color temperature, you’re equipped to paint your scenes with the exact hues and intensity required. Whether you’re capturing emotions in an intimate conversation or action in a fast-paced sequence, SmallRig’s COB lights adapt to your creative demands. These lights aren’t just tools; they’re your companions in shaping captivating stories.

Wireless Follow Focus: Precision in Every Frame

In the dynamic realm of filmmaking, precision matters. Enter SmallRig’s wireless follow focus systems, a game-changer for DSLR camera control. No more wrestling with manual adjustments – these systems provide an elegant solution. With SmallRig’s wireless follow focus, achieving the perfect focus becomes effortless. Whether you’re shooting a heart-pounding chase scene or a soul-stirring monologue, this system lets you glide seamlessly between focus points. SmallRig’s wireless follow focus isn’t just a tool; it’s your silent partner in capturing moments that resonate.

SmallRig: Where Innovation Meets User Passion

SmallRig isn’t just a brand; it’s a community driven by the love for storytelling. For over a decade, SmallRig has united with creators around the world, crafting products that amplify their voices. Through their “User Co-design” mode and the DreamRig free customization project, SmallRig makes dreams a reality. It’s a company that listens, learns, and delivers products shaped by real experiences. With 415 licensed patents and a global presence, SmallRig has become a trusted ally for over 2 million users in 90+ countries.


In the ever-evolving landscape of filmmaking, SmallRig stands as an embodiment of innovation. With its LED COB lighting and wireless follow focus systems, SmallRig empowers creators to push boundaries and tell stories like never before. These aren’t just products; they’re tools that seamlessly meld with your creativity. SmallRig understands that filmmaking isn’t just about equipment – it’s about inspiration, collaboration, and expression. Step into the world of SmallRig, where innovation meets passion, and elevate your craft to new heights.


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