The Functions Of The Pet Bottle Labeling Machine

The Functions Of The Pet Bottle Labeling Machine

The pet bottle labeling machine is a machine that can label various kinds of PET bottles. It is mainly used for daily cosmetics, chemicals, food beverage, condiments, etc. In this article, you will learn more about this machine!

What is the function of the pet bottle labeling machine?

The pet bottle labeling machine is a device that labels PET bottles with the appropriate information such as the product name, material, quantity, expiration date, and bar code.  It features proper design, reliable performance, low running cost, high competitiveness, etc. It can meet the round, square, and eclipse bottles in the different production lines. It can also be used to label glass or PET bottles before or after filling. The labeling machine offers a number of advantages, such as increased efficiency and accuracy in labeling PET bottles.

The Pet Bottle Labeling Machine can be used for

Label full wrap-around bottle with hot melt glue

Label partial bottle with hot melt glue

Square bottle or shape bottle fixed position label

Label before filling or after filling

Label materials can be paper, pet, opp, bopp, etc

Label on pet bottle, glass bottle, and metal bottle

Why do we need this device?

PET Bottle Label Machines are easy to operate and use hot melt glue technology to print labels quickly and easily on PET bottles. In addition, PET bottle label machines are very suitable for your business if you need to label some bottle business. They are reliable and accurate, save time, and can handle high-volume production.


All in all, Not only will PET Bottle Label Machines help to streamline your processing and production processes, but they will also ensure that your products are correctly labeled and packaged. By using a labeling machine, you’ll be able to meet all of your consumer safety requirements and keep your product lines looking tidy simultaneously. Tech-long has 19 years of development and continuous technical innovation that culminates in manufacturing the PET Bottle Label Machines. Our solutions reflect our core values and assure product sterilization, standardization, and modularization. At Tech-long, we provide a tailor-made and highly-efficient one-stop solution for your business. Contact us to know more about how PET Bottle Label Machines can enhance your business.

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