Tips For Choosing The Right Mechanical Seal

Tips For Choosing The Right Mechanical Seal

There are norms and guidelines that must be followed in any business. In a massive oil and gas refinery, for instance, there are exacting requirements for every piece of machinery and tool.

All the information you need about a pump, turbine, or mechanical seal may be found in the accompanying documentation. One must adhere to the product specs and preferences while deciding on a seal.

However, even in more informal settings, standard operating procedures are still followed.

With this being the first time a mechanical seal has been selected, what are the most crucial considerations? See them here.

The API 682 Standard’s Purview

In spite of the fact that API 682 was first released to aid the oil, chemical, and natural gas industries, it has now found widespread use as a general document across a wide range of sectors. To reap its full benefits, one must have a firm grasp of the norm’s remit.

Conceptualization Of The Mechanical Seal

In the API 682 specification, seals are broken down into three broad groups, each further subdivided into three subgroups based on their organization and composition. This allows the individual parts of a seal to be assembled in any way the user sees fit. Each orientation has its benefits and drawbacks. System disruption, performance, and utility are all relevant metrics to evaluate.


The parameters’ factory-set default values. If not otherwise specified, the following settings should be left at their defaults:

Type of Seal:

-Rotating vs. Stationary Seals

-Seal material

-Seal orientation and configuration

-Seal bushing


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