Tips On Maintaining Your Commercial Refrigerator

Tips On Maintaining Your Commercial Refrigerator

Commercial refrigerators are a vital piece of equipment in your food business. When the unit fails, it can cost you a lot. To save money and keep your restaurant or supermarket open, you need preventive care and maintenance.

Clean The Condenser Coil

Keep the unit’s condenser clean. Habco manufacturers recommend cleaning after three months. If left dirty and dusty, the fridge cannot maintain its temperature, leading to overheating. Disconnect the unit from the power and use a brush and a vacuum to remove dirt when cleaning the coil.

Check The Air Filters

Grease from fryers can clog the refrigerator’s air filters. Make sure to clean the filters because dust buildup can prevent proper ventilation. You can wash with a shop vacuum or other solutions. Grease harms the air filter, so if that happens, replace it immediately.

Clean The Exterior And Interior

Cleaning the entire unit shouldn’t take much of your time. Wipe the exterior, drain the pans, and clean the shelves and tubes with a vinegar solution. Soak the drawers and shelves for a while before rinsing.

Schedule Regular Inspection

Inspecting your system regularly ensures that the problem is identified and rectified quickly. It’s best to budget for a regular checkup instead of emergency breakdowns and other costly repairs. During servicing, the expert will check the worn-out parts and electrical faults.

Clean Drain Pans And Tubes

Commercial fridges can collect a lot of slimes, which can cause your unit to freeze. A clogged drain emits a foul odor, so use warm water and vinegar to clean the pan once a month. Also, use soap and water to clean the tubes every few months.

Avoid Overloading

Certainly, you want to maximize your unit’s space. However, overloading your unit can cause damage and reduce its lifespan. In addition, fridge overload strains the condenser coil and motor, which leads to higher bills because of longer run time.

Ensure It’s Dry

Moisture buildup in your unit can cause cooling problems. Therefore, keep your unit drained of any accumulated water or liquid. Clean up spills immediately and check for liquid buildup regularly, especially behind shelves. If left unchecked, moisture buildup can cause the unit to freeze.

Keep The Door Sealed

Damage to the unit’s gaskets will cause the refrigerator’s door not to close properly, leading to cool air leakage. If a gasket breaks, replace it with a manufacturer’s recommended type. In addition, clean the gaskets regularly to avoid damage caused by dirt buildup.

Keep Off Mold

Mold and bacteria can contaminate foods stored in commercial refrigerators. Check for mold and dirt in your system if you notice a musty odor. This will prevent mold growth.

Clean The Surface Around The Evaporator Coil

An evaporator coil is a crucial feature for your commercial fridge. It absorbs the heat, keeping the interior of the unit cool. Keep the surrounding area clean and clear to prevent airflow in the interior.

The business owner should observe the unit’s routine maintenance and care regularly. Clean the unit’s surfaces, the pans drain, and schedule a regular inspection and servicing.

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