Unveiling the Excellence of Techking’s Haul Truck Tires

In the realm of heavy duty haulage, one name rises above the rest – Techking. Their dedication to innovation and performance has led to the creation of the SUPER ETOT(TL) haul truck tires, setting new standards in the industry.

The Powerhouse Tire – SUPER ETOT(TL)

When it comes to haul truck tires, the SUPER ETOT(TL) by Techking Tires is a name that resonates with power, durability, and unmatched performance. This exceptional tire is engineered to tackle the toughest challenges in mining and construction with ease.

Unrivaled Casing Strength

Techking’s SUPER ETOT(TL) boasts an astounding 30% increase in casing strength, thanks to its ultra high-tensile steel wire reinforcement. This reinforcement fortifies the carcass, making it capable of withstanding the most demanding terrains and heavy loads.

A Leap in Load Capacity

What truly sets the SUPER ETOT(TL) apart is its ability to handle 160% more load capacity. This achievement is attributed to the double-layer nylon chafer, which not only reinforces the tire bead but also significantly enhances its load-bearing capacity. With this tire, hauling heavier loads becomes a reality.

Exceptional Service Life

The SUPER ETOT(TL) is designed for longevity. Its larger blocks enhance pattern saturation, extending tire life. This means fewer replacements and increased operational efficiency, saving both time and resources.


Techking’s tire is the future of haul truck tires. Its robust construction, incredible load-bearing capacity, and extended service life make it a game-changer for the mining and construction industry. With Techking’s commitment to excellence and innovation, haul truck tire is a testament to their vision of leading the way in tire solutions.


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