Weekly Skin Care Routine- Facial Mask Treatments

Another weekly skincare process you should adopt is the use of facial masks. You may be using masks when you need to prepare your skin for a special event or when it seems very dull and lifeless. But making this a part of your weekly regimen ensures that it gets done week after week.

Why is Facial Mask Treatment Necessary?

Facial masks give your skin suppleness, hydration, and elasticity. Masks (especially clay-based ones) absorb excess oil from your skin and deep cleanse the pores. For those who suffer from severe acne, masks with salicylic acid are very effective as it also revitalizes the skin.

Most facial masks diminish the fine lines that appear on the face with age. Alpha hydroxy acids in the mask speed up cell renewal to have this effect. This also results in a smoother skin texture. Regular use of facial masks also makes your skin firmer and evens out the skin tone. This prepares your skin well for perfect makeup application. Regular use of the right kinds of facial masks helps combat several common skin problems including rosacea, oiliness, acne, and dry skin. However, if you suffer from severe skin problems, you should choose your facial mask with care so that its ingredients do not spark off irritation or rashes.

Use your facial mask right after a thorough cleansing and exfoliation. The pores are unclogged by the cleansing and exfoliation. The beneficial ingredients in the facial mask can penetrate the skin far better at this time so that they have maximum impact.

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