What Are Rental LED Displays And Why Would Sponsors Want Them?

This article is a breakdown of the rental LED display, what it can be used for, and which brand products the sponsors could choose, such as LEDlink LED products. This article will also explore the advantages of rental LED displays over traditional LED displays.

What are rental LED displays?

A Rental LED display is a great way to showcase images and videos at some temporary events. They are simple to set up, easy to install and transport, and can be used in a variety of outdoor locations.

Benefits of a rental LED display

There are many benefits to using LEDlink’s rental LED displays.

  1. The feature of movable installation makes it easy to install and easy to disassemble. In addition, it can be freely matched with height and width and can be adjusted according to the configuration of the installation site.
  2. The material is lightweight, waterproof, and shockproof, easy to disassemble and assemble while ensuring the quality of the display.
  3. LEDlink’s rental LED display adopts models with better display effects, such as P3.91, and P4.81 high-definition full-color LED displays. It can also provide a higher-definition display screen, such as a P5.95 P6.944 p8.33 display, for use in outdoor venues such as conferences.

Why would sponsors want to use rental LED displays?

In recent years, rental LED displays have become more and more popular because rental LED displays are light in weight, thin in structure, and have hoisting and quick installation functions. They are easy to load and unload, easy to operate, and the whole screen loading and unloading are fast bolted and connected, which meets the requirements of quick installation, disassembly, and handling for temporary events and trade exhibitions. In addition, they can be assembled into different shapes to meet the requirements of the site, which is also very suitable for event features.

Why Choose LEDlink

LEDlink has a professional team of 400 people with more than 10 years of experience in the LED display industry. Through continuous technological innovation and excellence in process quality, they have successfully obtained the national high-tech enterprise certification and are an excellent supplier of rental LED displays.

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