Elevate Your Applications with Vzense DS77C: High-Resolution 3D Sensing at its Best

Vzense introduces the DS77C ToF+RGB camera, a groundbreaking solution that combines high-resolution 3D sensing with advanced features. With its millimeter accuracy and 2MP global shutter RGB sensor, the DS77C camera from Vzense enhances depth sensing applications, providing unmatched precision and detail. In this article, we will delve into the features, benefits, and applications of the Vzense DS77C camera, showcasing its high-resolution 3D sensing capabilities.

Millimeter Accuracy for Precise 3D Sensing

The Vzense DS77C camera incorporates Sony DepthSense technology, delivering millimeter-level accuracy in 3D depth measurements. This level of precision is essential for applications that require detailed object recognition, volumetric measurements, and spatial mapping.

High-Resolution RGB Imaging for Enhanced Visualization

Equipped with a 2MP global shutter RGB sensor, the DS77C camera captures high-resolution color imagery alongside depth sensing. This combination provides enhanced visualization, texture mapping, and realistic rendering, enabling businesses to elevate the quality of their applications.

Vzense 3D ToF DS Camera for Conveyor Belt Operations

The Vzense 3D ToF DS Camera revolutionizes conveyor belt operations by accurately identifying and capturing crucial physical attributes such as position, color, size, and shape of items. This data seamlessly integrates with parallel robots, enabling seamless coordination for efficient grasping, sorting, packing, and stacking of goods. Enhance productivity and streamline operations with this advanced solution.


The Vzense DS77C ToF+RGB camera empowers businesses to unlock high resolution 3D sensor capabilities, revolutionizing applications across industries. With its millimeter accuracy, advanced RGB imaging, and adaptive features, the DS77C camera enables businesses to achieve precise object recognition, immersive augmented reality experiences, and accurate 3D mapping. Elevate your applications with the Vzense DS77C camera and take your depth sensing capabilities to new heights.


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