Harness Portable Power with Ease: The AP301 Portable Power Station by myACT

Access to dependable and transportable energy solutions is critical for smooth operations in the fast-paced corporate world. To suit the needs of mobile companies, myACT presents the AP301 portable energy station, a small but powerful energy storage solution.

Compact Design for On-the-Go Power

The AP301 portable energy station boasts a compact design, measuring 192218192mm, making it the perfect companion for businesses on the move. Its lightweight construction of only 4.8kg ensures that transportation is hassle-free, allowing you to bring power wherever your business takes you.

Seamless Charging Options Anywhere, Anytime

With 2 ports of type-C output, the AP301 enables you to charge compatible devices effortlessly, ensuring that your business stays connected at all times. Additionally, the station features 2 ports of USB output, allowing you to power up multiple devices simultaneously, maximizing productivity. Tap into the versatility of 2 ports of AC output, providing access to energy for various electrical appliances, making it a versatile power solution for any business setting.

Illuminating Possibilities with Built-in LED Lighting

Experience the convenience of built-in LED lighting with the AP301 portable energy station, offering illumination during outdoor activities or emergencies. Enhance your camping trips or off-grid experiences with a reliable light source, ensuring that you never have to compromise on visibility. With the AP301, you can enjoy the convenience of having both portable power and lighting in a single device, making it an indispensable tool for businesses seeking efficient energy solutions.


Embrace the power of portability and convenience with the AP301 portable energy station by myACT. Change the way your business accesses energy and stay ahead of the competition with this cutting-edge energy storage solution.


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