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Live casino is a super hot form of gaming, always keeping a large number of bettors participating every day. At the bookies New88HG, an online casino that always makes people memorable with its huge game library and huge rewards. With just a little luck and basic betting skills, any player can become a tycoon after a few gambles.

What is live casino?

If you are just starting to participate in entertainment betting, you need to understand what it is Live casino before betting. Simply put, this is an extremely attractive betting hall often provided by bookmakers to gamers. There, there will be countless different products such as card games and games at real-life casinos provided in a live format.

Players will bet on the doors provided by the house using a phone, PC,… with an internet connection. Through the member account created at the playground, winning bets will be paid at the correct rate.

This is an opportunity to conquer huge bonuses with a realistic experience like gambling in real life without worrying about being caught. In addition, you can also feast your eyes on beautiful female dealers with hot bodies. The feeling of conquering the game filled with excitement and excitement will bring irresistible attraction to every bettor.

Attractive game lounges are available at New888 online casino

New888 is a large bookmaker with many years of experience in the entertainment world. Therefore, the system of game halls in the casino has been carefully and meticulously equipped. You have the opportunity to bet on many different games in the hot betting halls below:

Game lobby Hot games
AG Roulette, Baccarat, Sicbo, Dragon Tiger Multihand
XJ Games Thai Hilo, Xoc Dia, Baccarat, Sicbo
AE Games Dragon Tiger, Roulette, Sicbo, Baccarat
eBet Baccarat, Roulette, Sicbo, Multi-Table

The playing halls of New888’s online casino are all provided from the most reputable and quality game distributors. Bettors can safely enjoy all the prize hunting games they want to earn a lot of money for their pockets.

The hottest game titles in New888 Live casino lobby

What are the best betting games at the online casino lobby provided by New888? If you are wondering about this issue, please quickly refer to the list of popular games below:


When mentioning online casinos, we must mention Sicbo. This is one of the most popular games in the New888 arena. The game will use 3 dice for gamers to predict win or loss results. The winner will receive a reward corresponding to the betting odds previously participated. 


The oldest gambling title Roulette will make any bettor passionate. The game uses a wheel with 37 numbers as a basis for predictions and determining bet results. As long as you have a little luck and careful calculations, you can win on all types of bets: Red/Black, Even/Odd,…

Thai Hi Lo

If mentioning the lobby Live casino of New888, ignoring the name Thai Hi Lo would indeed be a huge mistake. The game is designed based on the traditional Sicbo version by betting 3 dice. However, up to now the game has had many special improvements to make the game more attractive.


This is definitely the hottest card game not to be missed at New888 online casino. Game enthusiasts only need to bet on one of the Pler or Banker doors according to the system’s instructions. The player closest to point 9 in the game will win overwhelmingly and receive a lot of prize money in his pocket.

Instructions for participating in online casino betting

To participate in New888’s unique and most attractive prize hunting lobby, gamers must follow these steps exactly:
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Step 1: Access the correct New888 game portal address

First want to join Live casino, you need to find the link to the house official, ensuring credibility. Log in if you already have a game account or create a new one with basic information according to the system form. After completing the registration procedure, the player will immediately be transferred to a personal account.

Step 2: Deposit capital

Bettors will be able to participate in the fun at bookmaker New888 completely free of charge. The only money you need to spend is the money to bet on the games you want to participate in. Therefore, if you have completed the registration and login steps, go to the “Deposit” section to have an abundant reward fund.

For new accounts at the New888 portal, you will have the opportunity to receive countless hot offers. Make good use of this capital source to start a successful business and earn a lot of money!

Step 3: Start playing at Live casino

At this point, gamers just need to go to the game list => Select the “online casino” => Select the betting title you want to participate in. You take the necessary steps to have fun such as choosing the game room, bet level, betting door,… then confirm the bet request and then wait for the system to announce the results to see if luck comes or not.

At the end of the game, the game portal will pay the correct reward to the winning players. If you lose, you will lose the initial bet amount. If you want to continue playing, just follow the steps exactly.


Live casino The game portal promises to be a top-notch gaming hall, worthy for all bettors to enjoy. Quickly register for membership Don’t miss the opportunity to make money quickly and safely from high-quality online casinos! 

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