Matching Buyer and Supplier: To Promote API Foreign Trade Development

Pharma sources select precise potential buyers according to the target products and overseas markets of API pharmaceutical companies and customize overseas thematic matching service solutions. Pharma sources’ solutions are designed to help companies connect with potential buyers around the world.

Pharma sources’ customized services: precisely tailored to your needs

Pharma sources select 3-5 potential buyers from overseas and provide a one-on-one videoconference (20-30 minutes per session) with English, Chinese, or rare language translation services. Such a service makes the success rate of sourcing much higher.

Pharma sources professional customer service for product matching

Pharma sources offer a wide range of matching drug-specific sessions, including South American APIs/preparations, African APIs/preparations, Russian buyers, and natural extracts.

Additional services offered by Pharma sources include an Online Matchmaking Tool

Users can find the ideal business partner via the usage of the complimentary matchmaking service that is offered through the web tool.

Possibility of Host a Video Meeting with Customers

An exclusive platform that facilitates one-on-one video meetings between qualified customers and onsite exhibitors.

To map out the high-end pharmaceutical business ecosystem, achieve industry synergy, and come together for a new adventure in China’s pharmaceutical internationalization, Pharma sources have committed to collaborating with more than 2,300 local and foreign quality exhibitors. You may find additional information about this comprehensive commerce, promotion, and exhibition platform by visiting their official website.

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