Revolutionizing Diagnostic Precision: Edan’s Advanced 5-Part Differential Hematology Analyzer

In the realm of modern diagnostics, the need for preciSE Series and comprehensive hematology analysis is non-negotiable. Enter the H60S Hematology Analyzer by Edan, a groundbreaking 5-part differential hematology analyzer that goes beyond traditional analysis, providing clinicians with unparalleled insights into a patient’s health. With its expansive parameters, extended reagent stability, and user-friendly design, the H60S Hematology Analyzer stands as a testament to Edan’s commitment to excellence and innovation in diagnostic technology.

Unveiling the Power of Parameter Expansion for Comprehensive Analysis

Experience the power of comprehensive diagnostics with the H60S Hematology Analyzer, offering an impressive 25 reportable parameters alongside an additional 8 parameters for research use only (RUO). This expansive parameter set ensures that clinicians receive a comprehensive overview of a patient’s hematology profile, allowing for preciSE Series and informed medical decision-making.

Enhanced Reagent Stability for Reliable and Consistent Results

Equipped with routine reagents and Diluent2 and Lyse2 solutions, the H60S Hematology Analyzer offers extended shelf life, providing clinicians with up to 90 days of open shelf life. This enhanced reagent stability not only ensures consistent and reliable results but also streamlines laboratory operations, allowing clinicians to focus on what matters most – delivering accurate and timely diagnoses to improve patient care.

Edan’s H60S Hematology Analyzer: Redefining Diagnostic Excellence

As the healthcare landscape continues to evolve, the H60S Hematology Analyzer remains at the forefront of diagnostic innovation, empowering clinicians with the tools they need to achieve preciSE Series and comprehensive hematology analysis. With its focus on expansive parameters, extended reagent stability, and user-friendly design, this analyzer stands as a testament to Edan’s commitment to excellence, setting a new benchmark for precision and efficiency in the realm of 5-part differential hematology analysis.

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