The BN-LINK Smart Timer: An Innovative Tool for Managing Outdoor Lighting

In the realm of outdoor lighting, convenience and control are paramount. With the BN-LINK Smart Timer, you can elevate your outdoor lighting experience to new heights. This innovative device, powered by smart photocell technology, offers automated lighting control based on dusk and darkness. Say goodbye to manually switching lights on and off – let the BN-LINK Smart Timer do the work for you. In this article, we will delve into the features that make the BN-LINK Smart Timer a must-have for your outdoor lighting needs.

Smart Photocell Technology for Automated Lighting Control

Harnessing the power of smart photocell technology, the BN-LINK Smart Timer intelligently senses dusk and darkness. As the natural light fades, the timer’s smart photocell kicks into action, automatically turning on your outdoor lights. Similarly, when dawn approaches and daylight emerges, the timer detects the change and promptly switches off the lights. This seamless automation ensures that your outdoor space is well-lit when needed, providing both convenience and enhanced security.

Versatile Scheduling Options and Multiple Outlets for Customized Setup

The BN-LINK Smart Timer offers a range of versatile scheduling options, allowing you to tailor your outdoor lighting to your specific preferences. Choose from various schedules such as dusk-dawn, 2 hours, 4 hours, 6 hours, or 8 hours after dusk. This flexibility ensures that your lights are on precisely when you desire, creating the perfect ambiance for your outdoor activities.


To sum up, the BN-LINK Smart Timer changes outdoor lighting control with its smart photocell technology and versatile scheduling options. By automating the on/off functionality based on dusk and darkness, it brings convenience and efficiency to your outdoor lighting experience. With the flexibility of multiple grounded timer outlets, you can customize your lighting setup to suit your preferences. Embrace the power of the BN-LINK Smart Timer and take control of your outdoor lighting with ease.

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