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Travel tips to Munnar for a  blissful vacation

Munnar is one of the popular travel destinations in India. It is a place known for its stunning sites and it provides a scenic and calm atmosphere to fall in love with. This is an area that everyone would love to fall in love with. There are some things that you can do here and some which you need to avoid when you at Munnar. If you are travelling here for the first time there are a few pointers that you need to be aware. By following the below tips you can have a great time

Your hotel and resort accommodation should be sorted well in advance

The resorts in Munnar are packed to capacity during the vacation times. During the peak season it is always better to book a resort well in advance so that you are stranded when it come for a place to stay. So on top of the do lists sorting out your accommodation has to be go through one.

Keep the weather conditions in mind

The place is a refreshing one to be, but be aware that it is a cooler place in comparison to the other parts of the country. For example if you are visiting this place in January you are likely to find this place warmer than the other parts of the country. Even this place would be a lot colder during the evening times.

Which is the best time to visit Munnar?

Munnar happens to be a hill station that you can visit any time of the year. But if someone asks which is the best time to visit this place then then answer would  between the months of October to May. At this point of time the temperature is in the range of 5 to 25 degrees. Even it is suggested that you take your woollens since it can be pretty chilly there. You will love the summer views along with the tinge of winter you will get here. The monsoon months are from July to August, though the place becomes an aggressive one for sight- seeing purposes.

Are you planning to travel by yourself in Munnar?

An important tip that you need to follow when you are at a new place is how to get along. In this part of the world you are likely to witness some of the gorgeous roads that you have witnessed in your life. But a  word of caution for the first time drivers to this place. There are no streetlights that would make it difficult to drive during nights. Even with the fog lights on you would find it difficult to figure out what is happening on the road. There can be elephants walking on the road, so it does make it risky to drive after dark. It is advisable that you drive only during the day times as the nights are dark.

Do not miss out on the national parks

There are numerous national parks in Munnar that you cannot afford to miss during your visit. Though you will be having a great time visiting these places, but it is advise to stay on marked paths when you are visiting these national parks as straying would be unsafe. If you hike in these parks, they could be rangers, as for this reason it is always better to be staying on the marked paths. Not only it is forbidden but poses a lot of dangers. All throughout the park there are rangers posted who will provide you with directions and once again stay on the paths provided.

Hopping around in Munnar

The nearest airport to Munnar is 120 km and is at Kochi. The famous railway station to the place is Ernakulum railway station. You can travel in air conditioned buses as you can also take a car that can be with or without a driver. There are taxis and autos that would enable you to travel in the premises.

Cuisines to try

Indian food is available in all the major restaurants in Munnar. There are some local restaurants that would provide you with the best of vegetarian cuisine. Most of the veg dishes have a special component of coconut milk in them. Even this place has all the cuisines that has the unique taste of curry leaves in them which are grown locally. You cannot afford to miss the mouth-watering taste of the dosa there. So whenever you reach here these are some dishes that you would love to have.

Customs that you need to comply

When you are visiting Munnar, you are likely to come across Hindu temples or Muslim mosques. It is advised to take off your shoes when you visit the temples and mosques. It is suggested that you need to be modest here as this place is conservative and any form of indecent clothing is not accepted.  Make sure that you bargain in the local shops as if you get it right massive discounts are possible.

Carry a mosquito repellent and sunscreen solution

It is advisable that you carry a sunscreen as the day time it would be really sunny. During the rainy season carry a mosquito repellent or a gel as they can be a real menace.

Keep a track of the places that you would like to visit

You are bound to fall in love with the gorgeous places here. Some of the famous places includes the tea estates where you can have a stroll or you may enjoy the wonderful sight of the break- taking Anamudi Peak. There are other mesmerizing sites in this part of the world where you can have a great time.

To conclude if there is a paradise on earth Munnar ranks right up there. A lot of great things can be found like spices, tea that you can fill your bags with. These are amazing gifts that you can take along and present your near and dear ones with the same as well.

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