Union Metal Guillemin Couplings: Your Best Option

Guillemin couplings are designed for use in industrial applications that include the transfer, loading, and unloading of liquid and dry loose substances. Their appeal can be attributed to the ease with which they can connect. Simply putting together two similar halves that each have two lugs, making sure the seals are facing each other, and rotating the locking rings in such a way that the lugs are securely engaged is all that is required to close the container. To make the connection more secure, use a hook wrench designed for Guillemin couplings to turn the locking rings a quarter of a turn in each direction.

Guillemin couplings are utilized for applications involving the delivery of water, fluids, hydrocarbons (including bituminous compounds), chemicals (stainless steel version), and dry loose materials. These couplings can also be employed for suction-delivery applications (powders, granules). Not appropriate for use with steam or any other gases. Used in industrial facilities, irrigation systems, loading and unloading systems, and as equipment for road and rail tankers, among other applications.

The coupling’s size can be determined by its nominal diameter, often known as DN, and the related lug spacing. They are often composed of aluminum and have a white NBR rubber seal, although they can also be made of AISI 316 stainless steel and have a black FKM rubber that is called Viton. 16 bars is the Guillemin coupling industry standard for the highest working pressure.

Brass and polypropylene are two additional materials that can be used to make Guillemin couplings. On stiff installations, it is common practice to employ a connection that does not have a locking ring (the locking ring of the coupling that connects to the installation is only needed to connect two coupling halves). To connect the hose similarly, a Guillemin connection that has a locking ring but does not have lugs is utilized. Blank caps, couplings with BSP female and male threads, and hose tail couplings are all available from Union Metal. Blank caps are also available.

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