Wall-Mounted DC Fast Charging: The Future of Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Electric vehicles (EVs) are the wave of the future, and with that wave comes the need for convenient and efficient charging stations. EVB, a leading manufacturer of EV charging stations, has just the solution for both home and commercial use. Their wall-mounted DC fast charging stations are designed for speed, safety, and ease of use.

Order Additional Cable Lengths: EVB’s DC Fast Charging Station

The stations are wall-mounted, making them easy to install and use. The bottom inlet wiring and up outlet wiring make cable routing simple and efficient. The included 5-meter cable length should be enough for most setups, but if not, additional lengths can be ordered as needed.

Saving Time and Money: EVB’s DC Fast Charging Station

For added convenience, the stations also come with RFID and app connectivity. This means you can monitor and control your charging station from anywhere, using your smartphone or other compatible device. The app provides access to features like starting and stopping charging, viewing charging history, setting charging preferences, and receiving notifications and alerts. It even provides access to the EVB cloud service, where you can find the nearest charging stations, get the latest news and updates, and join the EVB community.

With a 12-month warranty and a range of models to choose from, EVB’s DC fast charging stations are the perfect solution for both home and commercial use. They’re efficient, user-friendly, and most importantly, they get your EV back on the road in no time.


In conclusion, EVB’s wall-mounted DC fast charging stations are a must-have for any electric vehicle owner. They provide a convenient and efficient way to charge your EV, no matter where you are or what model you have. With their user-friendly interface, advanced safety features, and remote connectivity capabilities, they’re truly the future of electric vehicle charging stations.


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