Consecutive Winning Cockfights Receive Huge Promotions At New88

Trang chủ New88 There are always attractive promotions for bettors. One of the most prominent promotions is the consecutive winning cockfighting promotion. This is a program highly appreciated by experts and sought after by bettors. So how specific is this promotion?

Attractive promotions and consecutive winning cockfighting promotions New88

Continuous winning cockfighting is a promotion program for you to play cockfighting at the bookmaker. Depending on the number of wins, the value of the bonus you can receive in your pocket will vary. However, the reward level is that New88 offers no less impressive. In which, with only 5 consecutive winning betting rounds, you can receive a revenue of up to nearly 1.5 million VND.

And to optimize your participation in receiving rewards, New88 brings extremely simple policies and regulations. Just meet the requirements provided by the house within a short time, the money will be added to your account quickly.

The promotion offers a guarantee of credibility and reliability, so you can participate with peace of mind. As one of the largest bookmakers, licensed to operate legally and strictly managed New88 Absolutely say no to scams.

Subjects participating in cockfighting promotions win consecutively

With such an attractive program, who will be able to participate in cockfighting and win consecutively? New88 provide? Surely this will be the top question of bettors when learning about this promotion, right?

Actually, this promotion program of the bookmaker New88 No regulations on participants. As long as you are a member of the house, you can participate in receiving promotions. Whether you are a member who has just registered at the house or a long-time member, it is okay.

The way to register to participate is very simple, please keep evidence such as pictures of consecutive winning matches. After that, please contact our customer service staff New888. You can provide evidence to prove that you meet the conditions in the cockfighting betting hall for employees.

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Conditions for participating in consecutive winning cockfighting promotions

Although everyone can participate in the promotion, everyone also needs to meet the terms and conditions set by the bookmaker. New88 announced. Only when you meet the given requirements will the promotion be implemented. So what exactly are the necessary and sufficient conditions when participating in the promotion of winning consecutive cockfights? Basically, the house announces the following terms:

  • The program only applies to cockfighting betting games, not applicable to lotteries or mini games.
  • You need to meet the amount for each consecutive winning cockfighting bet of 300,000 VND or more. If the amount is not enough, the promotion will not be approved.
  • The bonus amount for you to receive in your pocket must meet the conditions of going through 5 specific betting rounds. For example, if you have 7 consecutive winning bets from matches 10 to 16 at the cockfighting arena, you can register for the promotion to receive a reward of 388,000 VND.
  • All information requested and verified to participate in the consecutive winning cockfighting promotion needs to be sent before 24:00 GMT+8 on the same day.
  • Only bet on one specific cockfighting arena that the bookmaker New88 provide. The promotion will not apply if you bet on 2 to 3 different cockfighting arenas at the same time.

Some essential notes when participating in consecutive cockfighting promotions

In addition to meeting the conditions set out, remember to keep in mind a few essential notes shared below. Only then will the safety and effectiveness of participating in consecutive cockfighting promotions be guaranteed. Specifically:

  • The house does not apply 2 promotions at the same time
  • If it’s past the time to receive the reward but you still haven’t seen the dealer New88 To add money to your betting account, you need to proactively contact customer service staff. The consulting and customer service team will support you as quickly as possible.
  • If the house detects any fraud in betting, abuse of promotions, etc. results will be revoked. Even New88 and permanently lock your betting account.


Continuous winning cockfighting promotion at New88 Provides financial insurance to help you bet with peace of mind. The more bets you win, the higher the bonus. Therefore, please quickly register to receive rewards when you meet the set standards.

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