Lieng online New88 Classy solution – Tricks to knock out all opponents

Lieng online always achieves a sky-high number of plays on the game portalNew88. One of the reasons why Lieng has become so popular is that the game rules are simple but bring the element of surprise and the winning rate is always high. Let’s learn how to play and the secret to winning big in the article below.
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What is Lieng fight?

Lieng is a popular card game and has a profound influence in Vietnam’s entertainment culture. This game uses a deck of 52 cards to compare scores and quality of cards. Although Lieng originated from the game Poker, it has been adapted and developed to reflect the tastes and entertainment habits of Vietnamese players.

The basic principles of Lieng are similar to Poker, including the use of card types (such as cards, sets or straights) to create higher-value decks. However, Lieng has some differences, including the way of dealing cards and calculating points, to suit the playing style and psychology of Vietnamese players.

Instructions on how to play Lieng cardsNew88 

With the development of technology and the Internet, it has created favorable conditions for playing Lieng online. Online card game platforms such asNew88 Providing a safe and convenient environment for players to freely participate and experience the game anytime, anywhere.

Below are instructions on how to play the Lieng card aboveNew88:

Step 1: Register an accountNew88

Visit the official website ofNew88 and register a new account.

Completely fill out the registration form and confirm registration.

Step 2: Deposit money into your accountNew88

Sign in to your accountNew88 your.

Proceed to deposit money into your account using supported payment methods on New88.

Receive promotions or deposit offers fromNew88 if any.

Step 3: Access to the live casino lobbyNew88

After logging in, access the live casino lobby aboveNew88.

Choose the WM online lobby, where you can find popular card games like Lieng.

Step 4: Start playing Lieng card game

Select the game Lieng in the game list.

Place your bets and start the game.

Play cards according to the rules and regulations described previously.

If you win, the bonus will be automatically credited to your account.


Rules for playing Lieng card game on New88 set up in a simple and easy to understand way. Below is a detailed description of the rounds:

Round 1:Betting and dealing:

Each player bets on the Pot, which is the total bet of the hand.

Each player is dealt 3 cards face down and can look at their cards.

 Round 2:Act:

Players have the following choices:

Watch or Raise: Observe and keep the original bet or increase the bet.

According: Continue betting at the current bet level.

Fold: Retreat and lose the original bet.

All in: Bet all the money you have on the game.

Round 2 ends when all players have made a decision.

Round 3:Public

All players who are calling will reveal their cards and compare their values ​​to determine the winner.
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In some cases, this round may not be necessary if only one player raises and no one calls.

Classy Lieng fighting tricks to defeat all opponents

Below are some classy Lieng card tricks that can help you defeat all opponents on New88:

Bait casting strategy

Spend 1-2 “fiddle” games with average cards to create an opportunity for your opponent to “take the bait”.

When you have an extremely beautiful card, proceed to “fiddle” so that your opponent feels confident and follows to the end.

This strategy can help you win with the highest payout.

Completely abandon the card

If your cards are too bad and the number of players is large, definitely fold without lying.

In case the number of players is large, the possibility of someone having high cards is high, so you should not lose more bets.

Strategy of sitting at the end of the wing

Sitting at the end of the wing allows you to evaluate each house.

From there, you can apply a reasonable “weighing” strategy to give yourself an advantage.

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