Over/Under – The Most Played Rewards Game at New88

Over/Under is the hottest entertainment product not to be missed when coming to New88. Not only is it simple to play and has a high payout rate, but bettors also have the opportunity to increase their bonus fund super quickly through great incentive programs. Explore now to have fun and receive great gifts!
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New88 Sic Bo – Play easily and receive super gifts

Entertainment betting games often help bettors relieve stress and relax extremely effectively. But if you want your fun moments to become more meaningful and memorable, don’t forget to choose Over/Under (Sicbo). Especially the version at bookmaker New88 will help you know how to play properly.

The game is designed with a complete change in graphics but the gameplay remains the same. Despite having to compete fiercely with many versions from other playgrounds, Over/Under New88 is still trusted and chosen the most because:

  • Play safely: Services and products at the bookmaker have been licensed to operate legally. Therefore, you can have fun without worrying about legal issues.
  • Multi-platform play: Besides playing games on your computer, you can now fully experience the New88 application with new features and preserve all old values.
  • New technology: What would Sic Bo games look like if they were broadcast live? The appearance of professional Dealers will increase the drama of each game to the highest level.
  • Easy to play and great rewards: The gameplay is the same but the rewards are bigger and will give you maximum satisfaction.

Handbook for conquering New88 Sic Bo to level up super fast

If you feel like you can’t sit still and want to try your luck right away, don’t forget to equip yourself with the knowledge and experience below. They will help you play hard with countless great gifts in your pocket:

Standard game rules

In order for a Sicbo game to go as expected, you need to clearly understand the game rules specified in the system as follows:

  • Play Over/Under On mobile or computer, each game will have 3 dice.
  • You need to correctly identify and predict the results of those 3 dice.
  • The bets you can choose from include: Over (11 – 17 points/3 dice), Under (4 – 10 points/3 dice), pair bets, triple bets, duo bets , total score bet,… The odds are fully displayed on the screen so you can observe and bet easily.
  • Record bets Over/Under If valid, the system will run the dice evenly within a certain period of time and announce the results.
  • Members who choose the bet that matches the announcement will win.
  • Each game will have its own time regulations, so you need to calculate and judge quickly.
  • Each bet will have a different payout rate, so the reward each person receives may not be the same.

Tactics should be applied

Besides the basic rules of the game, to increase your winning rate in each game Over/Under, don’t forget to grasp the following tips:

  • Prediction: Games can take place according to certain rules. Observing and evaluating the results of matches helps you see the structure of the bridge. From there, know which door to bet on to have a sure win.
  • Double bet: Playing double bet is extremely simple because you only need to choose 1 bet in many games. At the same time, bet the next game at twice the rate of the previous game to get the best results.
  • Multi-way betting: To increase your odds of winning, you can place multiple bets at the same time. But remember to calculate your bets properly to avoid losing capital.

Detailed Q&A when playing New88 Sic Bo

Equipping yourself with knowledge and experience will help you enter the game more easily. But the answers below will help you win the most:

How to play Sicbo without losing?

To play without losing, you need to understand the rules of the game, use the right tactics and especially be calm and calculate carefully. All of these factors will help you play correctly, play effectively and win for sure.

Is New88 Sic Bo a real scam?

Just by participating in a real game experience, you will immediately know whether Sicbo New88 is transparent, reputable or a scam. The fact that the brand is growing and spreading widely is also the clearest proof to help you feel more secure when choosing.

Tips for smart Sicbo betting, avoid capital loss

Each game takes place extremely quickly, so to avoid losing capital you need to note:

  • Bets are calculated and judged based on available capital.
  • Bet low to best preserve your funds.
  • Do not bet all-in under any circumstances.
  • You can bet according to odds to both avoid waste and optimize rewards.

All the equipment from knowledge, strategies and tips Over/Under are all important and indispensable items in every victory. Proactively grasping general information from New88 will help you play safely and win big.


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