Rules for Playing Seahorse Chess – Simple Instructions for Playing Seahorse Chess

Rules for playing seahorse chess Super fun and suitable for those who like to play stimulating games. As for seahorse chess, it is quite easy and not picky about players. Playing this game is both fun and appropriate every time you gather. If you want to know how to play, see our article to learn super simple rules.

Summary of seahorse chess

New88 today Seahorse chess is a special type of chess that originated in India, then it became popular in America and has other variations. When coming to Vietnam, the game is even simpler with super attractive rules. Usually, each table can have from 2 to 4 people participating.

Overview of seahorse flags

This game is loved by many players in Vietnam in particular as well as the world in general. Because its gameplay is stressful and also very entertaining. Rules for playing seahorse chess Completely different from other types of gaming.

The rules of playing seahorse chess are simple

The rules of seahorse chess are super simple, it can be called super easy for everyone to participate. Here are the things you need to know about how to play seahorse chess at New88:

Tools for the game

According to Seahorse chess rules This game has the necessary tools such as:

  • Game board: This game board will have 4 squares separated by cells called horse paths. The squares will be divided into different colors: green, blue, yellow and red.
  • Dice: On the table there will be from 2 to 4 dice depending on the playing location. But usually 4 tablets will be used to determine the number of moves of the flag.
  • Seahorse chess pieces: In the game, there should be 16 seahorse-shaped chess pieces divided into 4 colors. For each color there will be 4 pieces and will be placed in the correct square of that color.
  • Tools for shaking the dice: Depending on the playing location, there will be tools to put the dice in and shake. There are also straight bumps on the betting table to make it easier to play.

Necessary tools according to lRules of playing seahorse chess

General rules for playing seahorse chess

  • Participants will use their pieces to get to the finish line.
  • The direction of travel is counterclockwise.
  • To determine the move, use the dice and add them together.
  • If the player with all 4 pieces reaches the finish line first and lines up in order, they win.
  • The remaining players continue to win or lose based on the order of finishing first or last.

Process of playing seahorse chess

According to Seahorse chess rules then it will have different processes. Each process will help participants bring their flag to the finish line. With the following operations you need to know:
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Roll the dice

  • First, the player will choose the go-ahead according to his own rules. The person who goes first will roll the dice in the provided tool.
  • In case you roll the dice and get out, your turn is considered lost. If the dice are rolled up when rolling, you can re-roll.
  • In case anyone rolls the dice and the result is 1 or 6, they will continue to roll. Stop until other results appear.

Roll the dice to determine the moves in seahorse betting

Rules for playing chess with seahorses

  • To be able to start playing, the roller needs to get 1 or 6 on the dice. Then the piece will start from the position right at the barn door.
  • Then, each time the dice total is the same number, move as many steps as possible.
  • You are not allowed to go more or less than the total number of dice rolled. Must move exactly the random number that you choose.

Rules for blocking and kicking the flag

According to Seahorse chess rules During the process of moving the flag, you may be blocked by other players’ horses. If you make a number of steps that is smaller than the distance between the two of you, you will be blocked.

In case you get more steps than the distance between the two flags, you have the right to kick the other person’s flag. That is, if the distance between the two of you is 5 and you roll out 6, you can pass by and kick the flag of the person in front of you into the cage. The kicked person will have to start over from the beginning.

Rules for playing seahorse chess back to the barn

You just need to go around to your barn door and start boarding. The rule is to stand at the cage door first, then roll the dice. If the dice shows any number, it will return to the cage at that number position.

There is an important note that even if you are right at the barn door, others can still kick you normally. Therefore, if you have reached the barn door, no matter what number the dice roll, you should always return to the barn.


Those who have all 4 pieces returned to the cage in the correct order from 3, 4, 5 and 6 will be considered the winner. The remaining people continue to win and lose like that.


Rules for playing seahorse chess It may be a bit confusing at first, but just play it once and you’ll understand immediately. We hope that this article will help you understand information about how to play seahorse chess. Please apply above New88 to discover the fun of this game.

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