What is Xoc Dia Chep? How to Identify Fraudulent Xoc Dia

Xoc Dia is a concept that appears quite popular today. Every Tet and spring, folk games flourish, one of which is a number of “entertainment” games such as crab gourd, card fortune telling and especially Xoc Dia game also appears. So do you know why there is the concept of Xoc Dia scam? How to recognize fraud in Xoc Dia? Together Nhà cái Hi88 Find out in this sharing article.

What is Xoc Dia hoap?

Simply put, Xoc Dia cheat is a form of cheating players through the game Xoc Dia, which many people often play in the traditional way. This is a term that appeared after technology developed strongly.

Before that, when there were no supporting tools, coin toss was a game of chance and highly entertaining.

Learn some of the most popular Xoc Dia trick playing tools

The tools used in performing fraudulent coin toss today are no different from traditional coin toss tools, still including the following items:

  • 1 bowl
  • 1 disc
  • 4 military positions
  • 1 mat

Where does Xoc Dia fraud often take place?

Cheating in Xoc Dia occurs most often in underground casinos, so you can be sure that traditional Xoc Dia will have 80% fraud.

And if you ask if playing Xoc Dia online is a scam? Whether it’s a scam or not, the answer is still “yes” depending on the bookmaker you choose.

How is Xoc Dia phic recognized?

Scams often appear at underground casinos and bookmakers that are not reputable or do not have a license to operate casino betting games.

Therefore, to avoid being scammed by playing Xoc Dia online, you should find a reputable house to play, and at traditional casinos, use the following methods:

Fewer players participate at fraudulent casinos

Usually, casinos are open to a large number of players, but if you enter the casino with about 5 people or less, it is best to leave.

If you don’t believe it, you can carefully observe the way these players play. Usually they will put everyone in line to take turns betting on large bets, surely they are staging a scene to attract everyone’s greed.

This is the most common case, so if you encounter this casino, you should first fall quickly.

Betting participants are not allowed to check their equipment

It’s impossible to cheat without support tools. That’s why many bookmakers make excuses for not allowing players to check the coin toss equipment. If tested it is also a somewhat superficial test or internal test setting for example. If you encounter this phenomenon, you should stop participating here.
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Play time does not last long

A sign that the dealer is cheating is that the casino’s operating time is short because only the dealer using Xoc Dia to cheat is afraid that if they play for too long they will be discovered, so they end it early.

To prove this is true, you can spend a session observing how long it takes. Normally, fraudulent disc jockeys will last for 4 – 6 hours/day

Learn about some of the latest trick coin tossing tools today

Currently, there are extremely sophisticated fake tools on the internet and it is not difficult for me to recognize them. However, as for how to cheat, it’s just in the following settings:

There is a camera in the dice bowl

The bottom of the bowl has a tiny camera, cleverly disguised as a normal bowl (that’s why you can’t check the tool as mentioned above).

There is a camera inside and connected to the outside using a transceiver that can transmit images to the user’s phone. In appearance, it is 95% similar to regular bowls. Even if you pick it up, you won’t see a difference without examining it carefully.

The only thing is that the bottom of this bowl is usually thick and when placed on the ground there will be a slight echo. If you are a professional, you will recognize it immediately.

The jade disc has a camera scan

Normally, this tool works when the player has a support person standing in the ring and scanning the camera then signaling the person sitting in the ring to hit the correct result.

As the name suggests, the bowl used to play coin toss must be made of jade discs. Not all casinos use this disc.

The contact lens has the ability to see through the Xoc Dia trick bowl

This is the newest and most advanced tool on the market today. Actually, this product’s initial effect is to see through the cards, but for dealers who use bowls made from paper boxes, it still has the see-through effect.

This method is modern, but this Xoc Dia player has to stare at the shock disc, it looks very strange and easy to detect.


Above I have compiled all the latest information about the latest Xoc Dia scams, hoping to help everyone in the current scam problem.

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